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     Advanced Organic Synthesis

TCEP-HCl is pure, crystalline Tris(2-carboxyethyl)phosphine hydrochloride, a thiol-free compound that is highly effective at reducing protein and peptide disulfide bonds, in addition to being odorless and stable.

Benefits of TCEP-HCl
• Simple—effective reduction at room temperature and pH 5 in less than five minutes

• Stable- TCEP-HCl stability and resistantance to air oxidation eliminates the need for any special precautions while handling or storing; non-volatile and non-reactive toward other functional groups found in proteins.

• Efficient—For most applications, 5 to 50 mM TCEP provides sufficient molar excess to effectively reduce peptide or protein disulfide bonds within a few minutes at room temperature.

• Specific—selective and complete reduction of even the most stable water-soluble disulfides over a wide pH range
• Odorless—Unlike DTT or BME, TCEP is odor-free, so it can reduce proteins conveniently on the bench; contributes to a healthier lab environment
• Compatible—With TCEP, removal of the reducing agent is not necessary prior to most applications,(e.g. histidine-tagged protein purification, maleimide conjugations).

AOS:  10366

CAS:  51805-45-9

​Formula: (Hill Notation) C9H15O6P . HCL

TCEP Tris (2-carboxyethyl)phosphine Hydrochloride

(99% Purity)

Tris(2-Carboxyethyl) Phospine Hydrochloride, 0.5M solution in water

(99% Purity)

AOS: 10367 

CAS: 51805-45-9

Formula: (Hill Notation) C9H15O6P . HCL

Tris(2-Cyanoethyl) Phosphine

AOS: 10368 

CAS: 4023-53-4

Formula: (Hill Notaion) C9H12N3P


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